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Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Featured Business: Charna Little: Majestique Events & Gifts, Inc.

As a sister bath and body maker, I'd like to feature Charna Little of Majestique Events and Gifts, Inc. on this post.  Although I have only "met" her online, her enthusiam and energy cannot be denied!

About the Company:
Specializing in Elegant Events, Unique Personalized Gift Baskets, Favors and The Majestique Spa Line of Custom Blended Natural Body Products. ( Soaps, massage and body oils, shea butters, bath salts & fizzies, bubble bath, body wash, body scrubs and more)

Majestique Events & Gifts, Inc. was started in 2000 by Charna Little; However, It is a service with more than 20 years experience behind it. Add a vast array of creativity, excitement, enthusiasm, quality, and uniqueness and you have one of the hottest Event Planning establishments on the market. Majestique plans Weddings, Showers, Bar Mitzvahs, Retreats, Birthday Parties and more.

Not only does Majestique plan events, but it offers a distinct and unique line of Gift Baskets and Custom Blended Body soaps, oils, Shea Butters and other bath products by Majestique Spa.

There are four generations of craftsmanship, love, talent and creativity in each basket, soap or bottle of oil. The herbs used to create Majestique’s Body products are Hand selected, Home grown, and custom made all with LOVE by Ms. Little herself! Majestique does NOT test on animals nor do we use preservatives or chemical to create its products. We make everything FRESH to order therefore giving you the best possible product. We also donate a percentage of our yearly income to support research and awareness for Sickle Cell Disease as well as host annual fundraisers for this cause.

Product Recommendations:

Majestique Flavor of the Month
Mini Bath Fizzies

Owner: Charna M. Little
Website :,
Contact Info:

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Featured Business: The Black Spotlight

Who doesn't want to hear about our favorite black celebrities and what's going on in Hollywood?   Thanks to Crystal Merrick, I found out that Cleveland, the black neighbor from Family Guy, was actually getting his own show.  Didn't see that on Yahoo, that's for sure

About the Company
The Black Spotlight is an entertainment and lifestyle portal which strives to showcase or "shine a light" on African American CEOs, artists, authors and others that deserve to be in the spotlight because of their positive contributions to society. The Black Spotlight also reports on positive African American news that may or may not make it to the mainstream media.

Since its debut February 2008, has had the pleasure  of entertaining and informing thousands of visitors and has shined its spotlight on African American news, today's hottest rising and established stars and at the same time provide expert advice in various topics.

About the Creator
Becoming one of the today’s hottest entertainment journalists, Crystal Myrick has written for numerous online and print publications and has interviewed dozens of celebrities ranging from upcoming artists to major film stars.

Contact Information:
Office: (919) 720-5574

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Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Featured Business: Alison Warfield, Warm Spirit: Wealth through Wellness

Certified Self-care and Wellness Coach: Alison Warfield RN

Warm Spirit is a self-care and wellness that began with the idea of empowering African-American Women with a business opportunity. Its marketing plan was designed to be like the plan the Madame CJ Walker used to become this nations first female millionaire. In addition to its financial benefit, Warm Spirit delivers a holistic spa experience through its natural, organic body and treatment products. As a Warm Spirit consultant, I believe in doing well by doing good, taking of self and celebrating life and all it offers.

Contact information:
On-line catalog http://www.warmspiritcatalog

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Featured Business: Beverly Campbell, Pre-Paid Legal Services Inc

Company Name: Pre-Paid Legal Services Inc. Independent Associate
Owner: Beverly Campbell

If you enjoy peace of mind and access to legal assistance I can help. A Pre-Paid Legal Membership means unlimited access to the best attorneys in the U.S. for any legal issue. You are covered throughout the U. S. Now you can say 'You will hear from my lawyer" and mean it!

About Pre Paid Legal Services (From the website):  Pre Paid Legal Services is a New York Stock Exchange company that has been providing legal service plans to North American families for over 30 years.  Our customers can access legal counsel and advicefrom qualified laywer simply by calling a toll-free number.  Many other benefits are included, but even at the most basic legals our plans allow you to have peace of mind, knowing that the promise of Equal Justice Under Law is a reality.

Contact information for Beverly Campbell:,
Phone: 407-952-5199

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Featured Business: Riland Corp. - Barbara Andrews - Owner

Company name: Riland Corp
Owner: Barbara A. Andrews
Contact Info (email address, phone number, fax number):  phone/fax:(404) 228-8396

In her own words:

Riland Sat Institute deals in test remediation and preparation. We offer intensive test preparation for SAT, ACT, MAT, as well as the Praxis Series for teacher preparation.  We have small class sizes-15 max and we come to you.  We also offer the week long course online.

I also am a writer writing under Nefertari Imani Baraka my For the Lover in you Grown and Sexy Wednesday's in my blog talk show that I use to promote my writing and that of others so I need this show supported in the same way. I also need support by purchasing one or more of my books, going into your local bookstores and asking that they carry my books and in the Atlanta area asking them to host book signings.
I need support in spreading the word about my Appearing at the Decatur Book Festival in August. I am also the source for all your professional writing needs, from Bios to resumes, cover letters, newsletters and flyers. I have ghost written books on House Flipping, Feng Shui, and personalized stories.
My books: Ghetto Lullabies, My Soul it Knows his Mercies, Bible Truths,Little Black Book (Bedtime Stories for Lovers),The Nightmare Begins


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Monday, June 9, 2008

Featured Business: Young, Black and Rich - Alecia D.

YBR Enterprise
The goal of YBR © is to uplift, inspire, and transform the lives of women by providing information on a number of topics related to living a successful lifestyle including health, relationships, finances, and education. The website includes- among other things- helpful tips, articles, and success stories on a variety of topics such as motivation, goal setting, entrepreneurship, money management, and success.

What is Young, Black and Rich?


Being young has nothing to do with age just as being rich has nothing to do with money.  I truly believe that you can be as young and as rich as you feel no matter what your birth certificate or bank account may reflect.  As long as you have the right mindset and motivation there's really no limit  to the amount of success you can achieve. This network was developed out of the need for today's Diva Entrepreneur to have a haven all her own where she can not only express herself but find a home for her creative talents. 

The goal of YBR © is to uplift, inspire, and transform the lives of women by providing information on a number of topics related to living a successful lifestyle including health, relationships, finances, and education.  The website includes- among other things- helpful tips, articles, and success stories on a variety of topics such as motivation, goal setting, entrepreneurship, money management, and success. 

No matter where you are in life, I want you to know that now is the time for you to start on your journey of being Young, Black, and Rich!  Whether you are still trying to find your true passion or getting ready to embark on a new business venture, success is only one thought away.  YBR  Enterprise strives to let women everywhere realize that the keys to true happiness and freedom are within.  Are you READY for the YBR Experience?

Check it out at:,

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